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Name: Nico L
Age: 25
Height: 5’5″
Location: Edgewater/Rogers Park, nestled conveniently off the sometimes-open Granville stop
Favorite Restaurant in Chicago: The Pick Me Up Café. It’s not the fanciest or anything, but to me, there’s almost nothing better in the world than going there and splitting a plate of fries and grabbing some coffee with a friend. I’ve spent hours there without ever even noticing a second has gone by.

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About Nico

Nico, or Nick, is one of the first friends that I made in Chicago. We met while we were interning for the awesome and inspiring non-profit Interfaith Youth Core, which promotes interfaith dialogue on college campuses. Nick and I immediately hit it off, and quickly got distracted from our intern work by discussing Katy Perry’s most recent hit and TV shows. Nick is well-spoken, thoughtful, and very intelligent. If he’s not writing an amazing article on the Huffington Post or Thought Catalog, you may find him hitting up Boys Town and doing trivia. Nico truly is one of a kind! Read more about him:

More Fun Facts

Occupation: Um, I do a lot of different shit so this question is hard. I’m the Associate Director for The Civil Rights Agenda, which is an LGBTQ non-profit over on the West Side. I also write for The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Windy City Times and In Our Words, which is a local blog I also run. On top of that, I work on three different podcasts, one on film, one on the city’s Live Lit scene and one where I interview local artists, and I’m trying to jockey for a spot at WBEZ/NPR right now. I also go to Grad School at DePaul. So, my occupation is that I never sleep? Let’s go with that.
Favorite drink: Coffee, obviously
Favorite Place You’ve Ever Visited: Paris. I lived there for a while last year, and I have this love/hate relationship with it. I adore the city, which really is the most beautiful city on Earth, but French people can drive you mad with prolonged exposure. It’s not that they are rude, just direct. Like, if you look like shit, they will tell you to your face repeatedly until you fix it. There’s no such thing as social niceties. They just don’t do that. It’s like the opposite of the states, where everything is always “great! or “okay!” There, everything is always “merde.” The gorgeous day? “Merde.” Life? “Merde.” Babies? “Merde.” Sunshine? “Merde.” Smiling? “Merde.” You think it would be refreshing, but it turns out that faking it is really important in order NOT TO BE DEPRESSED ALL THE TIME.
Ideal First Date: I’m an absolute sucker for matinee movies. I love going to them on dates, because you can start with a movie and just take the rest of the day/evening from there. When you go to an evening movie, it’s always vaguely awkward, because there’s that moment where you have to decide if there’s more date or note. Here, you don’t have to decide. Obviously there will be more date, because it’s six o’clock and you aren’t a Golden Girl. However, if it’s a particularly bad date and you want out, this might not be the best option.
First Celebrity Crush: Ryan Gosling. It was back in his Young Hercules days, meaning I literally saw him first. And no one else can have him.
If you could see any band in concert who and why: Patti Smith. I’ve seen her before, and she’s so wonderful, polite and gracious, even though she smells a little funny. I shook her hand and almost passed out. Also, true story: This was in undergrad, and I pretended to be a journalist from the Tribune in order to orchestrate that meeting. Turns out that if you look the part and appear confident, no one will ever call your bluff.
Favorite Physical Feature on a man: His brain. I like a big, throbbing, twelve-inch noggin. I’m a size queen.
Boxers or briefs: Jock strap. Is there another option?
Favorite movie: Lost in Translation and The Social Network. I think they are both perfect films, but for very different reasons. In Lost in Translation, I connect so deeply with the characters and Sofia Coppola’s rendering of her own experiences trying to find herself abroad. I feel like a part of me is in that movie. And with The Social Network, I don’t relate to it at all, but I’m so captivated by the performances, that Trent Reznor score, David Fincher’s ever-flying cameras and Aaron Sorkin’s glittering script. When it came out, I faked a major illness to get out of class to go see it, and I never wanted to leave the theatre.
What’s your signature dish that you cook?: Hummus. I’m like the Jessica Seinfeld of hummus. I like to hide weird ingredients in the food for flavor or nutrition and just not tell people. One time, I even made strawberry hummus. It was disgusting.
Favorite 90’s T.V. Show: I have two. I have a huge thing for Seinfeld, because it’s so applicable to every social situation. There’s literally a Seinfeld reference for everything. And I love that the older I get, the more I relate to Larry David’s neurotic worldview. I think I’m just getting Jewish-er. My other favorite is Felicity, because of what it meant to me at the time. I still think that the first season is close to a perfect season of television, and the tone is weirdly assured and philosophical for a program aimed at teen girls. It reminds of other great shows from the time like My So-Called Life and Freaks and Geeks that treated their audience with such respect. They were for the smart kids.
Must-Have Personality Trait in a Partner: I think the ideas of “must haves” or “dealbreakers” are kind of silly, because then it’s like you’re shopping online for a potential mate. “My potential mate must come in the colors of burgundy and mahogany in XXS with a slight cinch around the waist.” Delightful. However, I (like all sane people) desire someone with a good sense of humor. If I couldn’t laugh with someone, I can’t imagine what we would talk about.
Roscoes, Berlin, or other: I mean, if we are going with Boystown, Berlin is fine, if you don’t mind getting your wallet stolen. I’m personally a Big Chicks kind of girl. They have free Sunday barbecue during the summer, the bartenders are all huge sweethearts and they play Absolutely Fabulous every once in awhile on their TVs. What more could you want in a bar?
Fun fact about you: My mother used to be friends with Jerry Springer, back from his days being the mayor of Cincinnati. They had a bit of a falling out, for many of the reasons you can probably assume. Also, I might be Al Capone’s great-grandson, but that’s less fun than kind of terrifying.

Thoughts from the Lady Bro

So hip, so fierce, so driven. What more could you want out of a date? Hit me up if you want to meet Nico for coffee!

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