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I have been in contact with a great company called Project Fixup, and they have been kind enough to feature one of my own articles on their own blog.

“Project Fixup is a better approach to meeting new people. There’s no browsing through profiles or messaging back and forth. Instead, you answer a few questions and we fix you up and coordinate all the details, including selecting a convenient time and place, to make it easier and more fun to meet someone new.”

Sounds pretty awesome, right?  When in communication with them, I asked them what are the differences between matchmaking in Chicago versus the Bay Area.  Bros and ladies around the country are all different and may be wanting different things out of dating and relationships.  Here is what they had to say:




People always say that the West Coast is overrun by tech bros and if you want a nice Midwestern girl then Chicago is where you want to be. But what is it like to date in the The Windy City vs The City on the Bay? I have been working as the Fixup Specialist for Project Fixup for a little over a year now, and have been able to witness firsthand what it is like to be unattached in these cities. I have seen what the men and women in both these cities want in a match and also what they think of the people they meet. Below are some of the differences as well as similarities between dating in Chicago and San Francisco.

Scheduling and Transportation

As part of our process, we find you a person, date, time and location. We do the planning to free you up to do other things you enjoy. While you tell us when you are available, things change and plans are made and cancelled, so your listed availability does not always reflect when you are available. Additionally, we have voted Chicago more mobile. While Chicagoans are willing to meet in most places around the city, SFers are more interested in meeting people closer to where they live, whether that be Oakland, Berkeley, or Palo Alto.

Each City has a polarizing factor

In San Francisco, working in the tech industry is either a turn on or off depending on who you are. Hipsters and tech fanatics do not mesh well and it is in everyone’s best interest if we keep them separate. In Chicago, it is sports teams. Either you are a Cubs fan or a White Sox fan or not-there is no ifs, ands or buts. Cubs fans want to be able to share an Old Style at Wrigley with their partner while White Sox fans like to relive the 2005 glory days together.

“The Scene”- The Good and The Bad

I took the time to ask some of our members about the good and the bad about the dating scene in their respective cities. Below are some of their interests.

The Good

San Francisco, Female, 27- It is a very young and lively city and most of the people you are very educated and driven to succeed. It is a work hard play hard atmosphere and with a lot of people being transplants here everyone is open to meeting new people

Chicago, Male, 32- I like the diverse and niche neighborhoods and bar scene. I can always find a place where I am surrounded by people who I have something in common with (generally a love for craft beer or jazz music) and can easily start a conversation with.

The Bad

San Francisco, Female, 30- An inflated ego for both genders. Just because these “tech bros” work for a startup they think they are instantly desirable and won’t take no for an answer. Since there is a gender gap with more men than women in San Francisco, I have seen my friends dismiss a decent guy because they think they can do better.

Chicago, Female, 26- From about Thanksgiving to St. Patrick’s Day it feels like we start hibernating. I find I go out less due to the cold and snow and even my singleness cannot motivate me to get out and talk to some new people.

For anyone who has dated in the Midwest and West Coast- do you notice some of these oddities? Have any to add?


For anyone who is interested in learning more about Project Fixup and is interested in writing about their experiences doing in on MY site, shoot me a message or e-mail at

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