From a Couple


An afternoon in greek town, a few hours around Chicago, a Cubs game, quite a few craft beers and one impressive run at the beer pong table is where Kelly and my story begins.

Back in September 2012, Becca, mutual friend and NYAB creator, asked me to be on Not Your Average Bro. Not sure what to say but in the ‘trial’ phase of online dating (by trial I mean trying for the first time and failing gloriously) I decided to give it a shot. The first person that responded to my profile on NYAB was Kelly.

Becca was adamant that we’re a match – she knew it, and couldn’t wait for us to know it as well. Kelly and I hit it off as friends immediately – but a few dates in the spark hadn’t arrived yet. We went our separate ways, still friends but better off having met each other through NYAB.

We ran into each other again a few months later, and the spark that Becca had mentioned ignited. A few chance meetings and we were inseparable. Had it not been for NYAB, the initial meeting would have never happened, and we have Becca and this site to thank for that.

From Ladies

“Dating in Chicago can be tough, especially being new to the city and figuring
out the working world. You definitely see the good, the bad, and the ugly and it can be difficult to find new ways to meet cool, like-minded people. Becca and NYAB have been a great new outlet for me to meet new bros, other than being out at bars. She somehow manages to find a variety of awesome guys and asks them the questions (silly and more serious) that help you decide if you want to really get to know them better. So if you see someone you like, email Becca and set up drinks or coffee with one of the bros. Really, hesitate no more, you have nothing to lose!”

“Thank you Becca for coming up with the brilliant idea of NYAB! I am happy to say I have taken advantage of her wonderful social abilities. I am a total skeptic of dating websites, I am always on creeper alert at bars. But Becca and NYAB came through for me. It’s so nice to have someone who is not only friends with a ton of great guys, but she is organized enough to be able to set them up with the gals she knows. You don’t have to worry about meeting some guy at a bar where you know NOTHING about. If they are friends with Becca, they are good company. This has been a great way to get people together whether it is for dating or just for fun. So thank you Becca, you have revolutionized Chicago’s dating pool! :)”

From Bros

“Recently, I had sworn off online dating. My experiences on other dating websites consisted of staring through page after page of pictures, then finally clicking on a profile just to realize I was nothing like the person I just e-winked at. Needless to say, not much came of my experiences there.

Thankfully, Not Your Average Bro is a fresh take on the online dating scene.

Where NYAB separates itself is in its content. While it’s great to have an idea of who someone is before dating, NYAB allows you the opportunity to allow your personality shine through without giving away the kitchen sink of who you are from birth to present day. The way people are set up allows relationships to grow organically, the most comfortable, natural way for relationships to begin.

With that in mind, there is no better testament to a website than the people that respond to it. The number of fun, attractive women responding to the site is a testament to its quality. I know that Becca hand picks guys to be on the site, and only looks for the best of the best.

If you’re at home reading this and are unsure if you want to make the leap to online dating, do it, and do it at NYAB. It’s an experience like any other.”