Five Things that Every Lady Should Know (from a Bro’s Perspective)

One of my favorite bro friends thought it was necessary to put a male perspective on the site, so here’s what he had to say:

Over the last two weeks I asked girls I know if they had any questions about guys and dating that I could feature in my post. Once they finished laughing at the idea of me giving dating advice they gave me some great material. For example, the first girl I asked said she already knew everything she needed to about guys and dating so the only question she had was “Why are guys so simple?” The next girl I asked lead with “Why are guys such dicks?” At this point I knew this post was going to be a huge success. So here is one man’s opinion on the things every lady bro should know about guys and dating.




1. Should girls ever make the first move?

This was asked by almost every girl I talked to. I think the answer to this question depends on the personality of the guy you are interested in, how well you know him, and the location where the move would take place. Let’s take a couple of real world examples.

You are in a bar and you spy a hot bro chillin with his buddies sippin some brewskis and having a great time. In this scenario I would not suggest making the first move. Instead, check his body language. If he is looking around the room frequently, and specifically in your general direction, then the best thing you can do is make yourself open. What do I mean by open? Well first off, get out of the tight circle you have formed with your fellow lady bros because no guy wants to walk into that bear trap. Position your body in such a way that you can be approached without him having to do an awkward shoulder tap. Next, shoot him some glances when you know he is looking. Lastly, get a fresh drink. Guys know that there are girls who use guys at bars for drinks and so having a fresh drink when you look his way will let him know you are genuinely diggin the vibes he is throwing out. Next example.

You have known a guy for a while, you think he is interested in you and are convinced that he is not going to make the first move for whatever reason. Maybe he is too shy. Maybe you have been sending mixed signals. Whatever the case may be, this is the time to lay your cards on the table. Try something like, “Have you ever thought about us going on a date?” Anything to get the ball rolling. The worst thing that could happen is that he says he doesn’t think of you that way and then at least you know.




2. How do I know if a guy is interested in me?

If he calls you, texts you, actually talks to you, and you know he isn’t gay, then he is into you. If he has ever bought you anything or paid for something you did together then he is into you. Stop over-thinking things. Like the first girl I asked for questions has already figured out, men are typically fairly simple creatures when it comes to dating.




3. If a guy says he can’t hang out because he is watching a regular season sports game on tv is he blowing me off?

Yes. The only two exceptions to this rule are:

  1. If it is an NFL game, lots of guys watch almost all of those because of fantasy football
  2. He is watching his home team that he never gets to see because he lives outside of the broadcast area


4. What makes a girl long term potential vs. short term potential and how soon do guys know?

Most guys will think they know immediately whether a girl is long term potential or not. If a guy decides immediately that a girl is long term potential then it is basically up to the girl to either maintain that image or chip away at it. So what makes a guy think a girl is long term potential?

The first thing that anyone notices about another person is the way they look, so like a wise man once said “Always leave the house looking like you are off to meet your ideal mate.” To this point though, different guys like different things so following the trends and wearing stupid knee high gladiator sandals just because all the other girls are probably won’t help you in this department. Just dress the way you like to and you will find a guy who likes the way that you look, not the way that Vogue or whatever crazy magazine you read told you to look. A girl with her own sense of style is way more sexy than one that buys whatever is in fashion. Unless your sense of style includes liking knee high gladiator sandals, then you might want to get your head checked. Most of the bros I know like classic, natural styles, so leave the bright red lipstick to Taylor Swift.




The next hurdle is personality. Every guy will like something different so my advice here is to just be yourself. Cliche? Then why don’t more girls just do it? Too often they come out frontin actin like they be princesses when really they are just normal girls. Seriously, cut the bullshit.


Now I know what a lot of you are thinking. “If I sleep with a guy on the first night will I ever be considered long term potential?” I have to be honest, nearly every decent guy I have ever known did not consider a girl who sleeps with them without knowing them to be long term potential. That shit is risky and doesn’t look good on your resume. Then again, most of the decent guys I know don’t make a habit of sleeping with girls they don’t know.

And last but not least…

5. What does it mean when an ex texts me?


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