LLC, Bros for Bros, and Testimonials…OH MY!

Hey everybody!

I apologize for not posting in far too long.  I have some really exciting announcements for NYAB!  First of all, if you didn’t see if on my Facebook page, I am officially a LLC!! Very exciting stuff.  I am super excited for what this means for the future of Not Your Average Bro!  The options are endless!  On that note, I am officially announcing that my next steps for NYAB are:

1) BROS for BROS!  You heard correctly, I will be putting new bros on my site who are on the hunt for other bros (aka gay men, HOLLA AT YO GURL!)  I may hold off on posting them until my website has been reformatted, but all my gay men, send start hitting me up and we’ll get the ball rolling! (

2) Ask the Lady Bro! As I’ve said numerous times, I do NOT have a Ph.D., but I do like to think I know what I’m talking about.  Many of you have reached out to me via Facebook, Gmail, Gchat, texting, etc and have asked me questions or my opinion on a matter regarding dating and relationships.  Soon, you will be able to message me anonymously and ask a question, and I can give you my best Lady Bro answer and post it on here.  You can still do this now, just comment below this post, and ask a question!  You can choose to be anonymous or not, totally your decision.

3) Testimonials!  This is extremely important to the credibility of this site and my future business with NYAB.  If I have been in contact with you about a set-up or you’ve been set-up with one of my bros, PLEASE take a couple minutes out of your busy schedules and write a quick testimonial about NYAB and the process.  In the testimonial, I would love it if you could write about how it was working with me and if the process if legit.  That’s all!

As always, there will always be the Bros and Dating and Relationship Advice by yours truly!!  I’m also starting to work on my logo, so if you all have any ideas, send them my way!  Can’t wait!!!