Singles “Mingle Around” Event (3/14/13)

Hey guys!

In case you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter, which you absolutely should if you have not, I am teaming up with another Single’s Website in Chicago called Mingle Around.  The first event that I’ll be coming to is THIS Thursday (tomorrow) starting at 6pm at the Laugh Factory.  Here’s the link for the actual event:  (Love the NYAB shout out!)

This would be a cool new way to meet single guys and gals in the city, and break out of your comfort zone.   If you come through me/ NYAB, you can get FREE tickets! I’ve never been to a Single’s Event either, so it could be a fun and silly time for all of us.  Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet someone great!

I’ll be there with about 20-25 other guests from NYAB, so don’t worry about coming alone.  Just shout me a holler on here, Facebook, or my e-mail and let me know if you and some of your other single friends want to join the fun.

E-mail me at for more questions, concerns, or RSVPs!